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Get Higher ROI from Your Channel Marketing

Channel Marketing for Emerging Vendors

Reachsight’s marketing programs are for you if:

  • You are new to the multi-tiered IT supply chain; or
  • You are a foreign company entering the U.S. market; or
  • You are just tired of wasting limited resources on unsuccessful marketing programs.

We Feel Your Pain

We’ve specifically designed channel marketing programs and tools for YOU out of experience and frustration.

The experience comes from launching thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers through tier-one distribution and their VARs, solution providers, gov-ed and vertical market resellers, e-tailers and brick and mortar retailer customers.  The frustration was born over years of watching our vendors throw good money after bad, low performing but often mandated co-op programs.

Channel Marketing that Drives Sales

Reachsight offers channel product launches that create and build your reseller base and drive sales from the top of the supply chain all the way to the consumer.  You’ll also find quick decisive answers to complicated questions using our unique marketing and channel intelligence tools.  Most importantly, you’ll get more resellers and grow your sales with lower but higher ROI marketing investments.

Who’s on your target list?

Your partner for growth

Looking for a fast way to expand your reseller base? Want to access thousands of online stores, VARs, system integrators, military buyers, government, education, corporate or healthcare resellers? Want to do business with, Best Buy, Apple stores, Dell,,, CDW, Insight, NewEgg,, or PCMall? Reachsight does all this and more. Contact us

Build up Your Reseller Base

Reachsight has an active base of >25,000 reseller partners in the US and Canada to connect you with. Who is on your hit list?
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    • Reseller Matching
    • Reseller Specific SKU Builds
    • Channel Pricing Strategy
    • Channel Marketing Strategy
    • Aggregated Channel Sales Events
    • Aggregated Reseller Training
    • Product Placements

It takes access to resellers + Business Development to build your channel.

First, we get your products online with critical wholesalers in record time, then we immediately go to work building you a base of the largest resellers in the industry.

Distribution Solutions

Reachsight provides client solutions for Third Party Logistics (3PL) and Supply Chain Management with our partnered provider. With over 750,000 square feet of warehousing specializing in the handling of consumer goods, electronics, home goods, clothing, footwear, non-perishable food grade storage and more. In addition, we offer in-house local container drayage as well as LTL and TL delivery options featuring a “real-time” comprehensive tracking system.


Offering over 750,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space with the latest advancements in technology; barcode labeling, readers, cross-check and always the personal attention to detail. Our automation systems for in-line transload, sortation, and speed of transport are customized for chain stores and retail customers.


Being a full-service warehouse and 3rd party logistic supplier, we are experts in handling all commodities; consumer goods, electronics, durable goods, pet products, footwear, apparel, home goods, and non-perishable food industries.  We also offer bonded and duty-paid public warehousing and distribution that services chain stores, local retailers, e-commerce B2B and B2C.

On-demand Transportation

Working with top-tiered logistic partners such as UPS, FedEx, and other major freight companies, our “On-demand” transportation services are customized for customers needs based on market conditions.

  • LTL (Less-than-truckload)
  • FTL (Full-truckload)
  • Hotshot (Direct, exclusive distribution)
  • Next Flight Out
  • International Expedite
  • Secured On-Line Customer Tracking

Every client has a unique set of problems.

We discover, validate, and solve them with unique solutions!

Integrated Marketing Agency

In today’s market, your audience is more fragmented than ever.  Reachsight is highly tuned and helps our clients target the audiences who will engage with them and add to the bottom line.  Marketing integration goes beyond media placement and message alignment; although these are key, they are not enough.

How do your sponsorship and community service efforts impact your search engine rankings and social media sentiment? Do your radio ads drive traffic to a poorly operating website or customer service phone line?

Integrated marketing has moved beyond digital and traditional. When we work with you to bring it all together everyone wins, everything is tighter and relationships last longer.

Marketing Integration will help you make better decisions and get better results.

Targeting your audience online and offline is central to a strong, localized branding or direct marketing strategy.  We have the tools and expertise to perfectly align your marketing to your target audience wherever they are.

We play in urban spaces, the media, in the home, on the mobile phone, on the laptop, tablet, in the car, and almost anywhere else where we can properly target the lovely people who want to buy from you. Once we have the target nailed, everything goes together, speaks together, and informs the outcome of your program.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing only works if someone else cares. Does your content tie into your overall marketing plan? Does it help you get Search Rank? Social Media Engagement?

When you think content marketing, there are so many variables it’s easy to lose track of its connection to your audience and to the overall marketing plan. It’s not as simple as shooting a video or writing an article. Can you connect your content to your search engine results and social media engagement? Can you measure its success?

Pre-2013, Content Marketing was getting a really bad name. Super spammers and spinners were churning out computer cobbled articles by the thousands and using them to trick Google and others into listing those they link to higher in search. No longer! Google and the internet at large revolted and updated the way they do things so that only the best and most relevant content is listed.

Today is about relevance and connection to your audience. You must take this concept very seriously or be stricken from search like thousands of others who let it slide by without notice.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile is everything. Today it’s apps, text and directions to the nearest store; tomorrow it’s immeasurable. Life has changed forever and the planet has gotten a lot smaller.

Using your mobile device has become second nature. Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t imagine Facetiming your friends from a beach in Cuba or Snap Chatting funny pictures that disappear in seconds to your high school girlfriend. Mobile communications have become ubiquitous; we are surprised that more businesses do not take part.

Mobile Marketing is more accessible than ever, and your business can take up residence on targeted mobile phones for much less than you may think. If you mix mobile into your marketing you will begin to understand it and apply it to your bottom line.

Mobile Commerce is the now and it’s easier than you may think

You can now make your website collect cash from anyone, on any device. We have spent countless hours working with clients on their mobile commerce solutions and have implemented websites and apps that help clients take advantage of the mobile world. There are many new technologies you can use to go mobile quickly and with limited investment. Shopify is great, Square Space is perfect, or you can build it custom to your needs.

Customer Support is Top Priority

As your platform or service gains more users, there will inevitably be a larger number of customer inquiries coming in because of product bugs or support issues.

They’re called growing pains. Everyone has them, but few know how to recover from them and manage them. The end result is an inefficient company that gets bogged down and collapses from its own success.

Don’t be one of those companies.

Let us handle your frontline support and keep your team updated with weekly metric reports while escalating the important issues to your development team. We’ll document what works and what doesn’t. And, we’ll keep it all organized with tags, tickets, and open lines of communication.

Putting it simply, we’ll run your support and free you up so that you can keep growing your new platform or service.


If you’re in business, your only choice is to value your customers, that is if you’re in for the long haul. Having an interest in understanding the needs of those you serve and meeting them is the way to show you actually care about your customers. Taking the time to care for your customers requires extensive planning and daily action. The more time you spend developing and executing those plans the more money you’ll spend. Since we already put your plans into action, why not let us do it for you? Our professional and around the clock outsourced technical support will give you the relaxation and peace of mind you deserve. Our focus will be learning everything there is to know about your product/service so that your customers will receive expert advice.

For a seamless way of meeting your goals, our communication with you will be well planned and detailed from start to finish in order to ensure that we surpass your highest expectations. Getting Technical Support from Reachsight will be the best decision you make for your business especially as it relates to servicing the needs of your customers.


  • Helpdesk
  • Software assistance
  • Hardware assistance
  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Remote assistance

More and more, small to large scale businesses are relying on the services of technical support outsourcing companies to help them meet the growing demands of the business environment. The services offered will help to relieve your business of internal and external pressures. Call us today and let’s start the discussion on how you will save money and grow your business.


While you’re busy working developing new products and services or enhancing those you currently offer, you could receive some extra muscle by choosing chat support with Reachsight. Our dedicated support staff offers timely and responsive assistance through online chat. Your employees would exert less time and effort in resolving customer concerns. With us, live chat support outsourcing means that you will be better able to maximize the benefits of the resources you have. Our support ninja’s offer friendly and courteous service that will help your customers know that you care about their needs and you appreciate their business.


  • Effectively manage your resources
  • Receive confidential service
  • Collect valuable customer information
  • Monitor customer feedback

We only use the leading chat support software so your customers will receive real-time, one-on-one support. Our agents are experienced and knowledgeable of chat support outsourcing intricacies. There are no queues online, contact us to learn how you can outsource chat support. You will appreciate the speed and quality of the service that will be able to offer to your customers by our Ninjas.


The plan of any startup should be to offer good service in the early stages of business. To keep things on track, the plan to remain successful should focus on maintaining the quality of that service throughout the lifespan of the entity. Email support outsourcing is an extension of customer service, with this service from Reachsight, you will never have to fear to erode the quality of your customer service, in an attempt to save money.

Good customer relations requires prompt and effective responses to requests. This is essential in showing that your business values quality. All customer requests are prioritized and are resolved based on the time they are received and the nature of the requests.


  • Regular adjustment of our strategies to meet your changing needs
  • Prompt response to customer emails
  • Customized service
  • Periodical service reports
  • Accurate monitoring and evaluation of customer queries.
Our email support will always be subject to constant monitoring and review. While your business expands and your customer base grows, we will continuously revise our strategies to improve our knowledge of the changing climate of your business. We will closely match the changing business climate to the changing needs of your customers. Make Reachsight your partner for email support services. Your budget may be limited but your rewards don’t have to be.


Imagine having 100 people crammed into a tiny office space, how ridiculous does that sound? If this happens, no one would want to stay in that office. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t realize that having a large volume of inbound calls and not enough phone lines or employees is a similarly disastrous situation. ReachSight’s inbound call center services will give you the unique advantage of working closely with agents that you will consider an extension of your team. If your business is just starting up, you will need properly monitored and professionally executed customer service. Consider Reachsight your first and only option among inbound call centers.


  • Prompt customer service
  • Service updates
  • Use of advanced technology
  • Trained staff
  • Integrated systems for accurate updates on customer accounts
  • Calls recorded and monitored for consistency and high standard
  • Proper tracking of calls and requests using a ticketing system
  • Acquisition of valuable customer information

It’s quite impressive to consider just how efficient your business would operate if your staff didn’t have to stop and take calls. With Inbound call center outsourcing, your customers’ needs could be proactively processed by our trained and competent agents who are waiting to help. If you aren’t quite equipped to handle the volume of inbound call services your business expects on a daily basis, get in touch with ReachSight.

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